Milica Zec is a film and virtual reality (VR) director, editor, and screenwriter. She grew up during the NATO bombing of Serbia, seeing the conflict destroy much of her country’s infrastructure. During this traumatic conflict, she decided to abandon her fear of death by learning the transformative power of acceptance and letting go. These experiences inspired Milica's directorial debut with the VR short narrative piece Giant, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2016. Giant has been featured in numerous press outlets including LA Times, The Guardian, and The Verge as one of the top VR experiences. Last year, Milica debuted her second VR film Tree (Sundance 2017) which takes the viewer through the immersive and empathetic experience growing as a tree in the rainforest.  Other notable work includes Marina Abramovic Presents MACCOC.

The Lesson That Changed My Life

Milica: I think like life throws bigger lessons at us as soon as it sees we are ready for more lessons.

I grew up in Serbia. I was born in Belgrade. My father is a theatre director and that's where my parents met, in theatre. So, that's where I grew up, that's the world I knew. I was surrounded with Shakespeare's plays, Molière.

The war broke in the region I lived. There's so many difficulties and problems to deal with on an everyday basis and they are problems that you are not bringing that are brought on to you. So, you understand that you cannot control everything and that you also have to
accept that everything can change in every given moment. Like maybe you're rich in this moment, but you can lose everything tomorrow.

People in your life are important, how nurturing relationships with your family, friends, co-workers, people that you love is of crucial importance. Also sharing love and kindness is more important than any business successes or material things that we accumulate because that's all gone once you are dead. It's gone. I think the purpose of us as human beings is to become true to our own nature to become almost in sync with what is our role in this whole ecosystem and that's where the flow of life happens.

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