Madison Hu is an actor and role model to millions of kids and teens across the world. She is known for playing the lead role Frankie on the popular Disney Channel series Bizaardvark and for her previous recurring role as Marci on the Disney Channel series Best Friends Whenever. Madison began her acting career at age 7 when she landed her first role as a spelling bee contestant on Bad Words and went on to showcase her comedy abilities in several other television shows including The Goldbergs. She volunteers and works with No Kid Hungry in helping children get enough to eat so they can be happy and successful in school and in their lives. In this episode, Madison talks about peer pressure and the importance of one's actions.

The Lesson That Changed My Life

Madison: You have to realize that other people's successes are not your failures. Everybody has their own pace and everybody has their own path.

I grew up here in L.A. in this very house. My mom, my dad, my brother are all from China so I'm the first generation born in America. All of my memories are here and I've been really lucky because it's a very nice, tight-knit community. My parents played a very big role in shaping who I am.

I know peer pressure is very hard. I myself have fallen victim to that and I'm sure everyone has fallen victim to that because we always wanna be cool or liked and stuff like that. I think that's just a human want, you know. That's a human need. Especially being a teenager and being a kid, a lot of the things that you do, you may not take as seriously if you were an adult and you might not think of the repercussions but you have to realize that they're there. Something that you do could affect other people. Something that you do by yourself that you think is only to yourself could and it will affect other people.

I think as I've grown older, I've realized that even if I'm doing the things that nobody is looking at or nobody particularly cares about, as long as I'm doing it, and as long as there's someone in it that I'm helping or I'm making an impact in or that I'll be remembered by at least one person, I think my purpose would be to kind of make a big change in at least one person's life.

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