John Carney’s career in football spanned four decades, which is tied for the longest by an NFL player. He played college football at Notre Dame and was named to Notre Dame's all-time team by Sports Illustrated. Carney played 11 seasons with the San Diego Chargers, earned his first Pro Bowl selection, and remains the Chargers' all-time leading scorer. He went on to win a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints in 2010. Prior to his success, Carney experienced several setbacks in his career. Watch how he explains the lessons that taught him how to recognize these moments as, “A roadblock, stepping stone, or hurdle.” 

The Lesson That Changed My Life

John: Roadblock, hurdle, or stepping stone? You decide.

When I was playing in NFL, I was inspired by making the most of the skills that God gave me, and really preparing and honing those skills in so I could be the best I could be.

The lesson that changed my life was I was experiencing my most unsuccessful NFL season and I had worked very hard over three years to get into the NFL and things are unraveling quickly. And they continued to head south for me until I came to the realization that I could accept failure. If I was cut or fired by the chargers, life would go on. I would put things back together and move forward in my career.

Roadblock, hurdle, or stepping stone? You decide. Is that a roadblock that's going to force you to scrap the whole goal and pass and then go in a totally different direction? Or is it a hurdle that you just need to work harder, stronger, smarter, wiser? When you do succeed in getting over that hurdle, you will look back in the rearview mirror and understand that that was a stepping stone to your success.

I believe we always are looking for methods of motivation, and so having these quotes that the guys read from day-to-day, a lot of my clients have added to the wall of motivation. Sometimes it only takes one word, or a quote, or a Bible verse, to really pull you through that workout or pull you through that day. And many times in our life, things aren't always stacked in our favor. And if we have courage, faith, and perseverance, and we've prepared well, we can go into that situation and come out a winner.

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