Known as “The Shark” for his aggressive play on the golf course, Greg Norman was a natural on the links and entered his first pro tournament after only five years of picking up the sport. During the ‘80s and ‘90s, Norman won 91 international tournaments, 20 PGA Tour tournaments, and 2 major Open Championships. But, it wasn’t always as easy as his record would have you believe. After losing a six-shot lead in the Masters Tournament, he learned a valuable lesson. In this video, Norman explains how he changed “A negative situation into a positive one.”

The Lesson That Changed My Life

Greg: I always been a big believer, you take the negative and you turn it into a positive. I grew up in North East Queensland. We moved down to Brisbane, I left all my friends. And I went out and caddied for my mother one day. She was a very good player. And I figured if she could play this game of golf, I could. And the bug bit me right there in it. Couple years later I won my third professional golf tournament. And that was it.

I would say the most powerful one to me was when I lost the U.S. Masters. I had a six-shot lead going into Sunday and for whatever reason, I didn't win it. What happened after that was probably a life-changing experience for me. Because I never realized how much support I had from the public out there. For the next 20 years I still get support from people remembering what happened. So it really opened me up to the fact that you sometimes don't realize how much support you have around you. You look back over your life, any aspect in life you've had disappointments. When you're a child, maybe not getting on a team. Maybe a child feeling let down because you didn't win a championship. No matter what it is, life gives you all these disappointments. I always been a big believer, you take the negative and you turn it into a positive.

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