Earl Benjamin was born and raised in the Virgin Islands where he says there was 1 movie theater. He moved to New York where he studied and worked in journalism until a friend introduced him to SoulCycle. He soon discovered his true passion in helping people uncover their strongest selves and hasn’t looked back since! He creates an adventurous class with meaningful experience. Today, he is one of the top instructors at SoulCycle and credits his mom for his inspiration and advice of starting small and building. Benjamin lives by a mantra of “Dream. Do. Repeat.” and in this interview speaks of the importance of failing.

The Lesson That Changed My Life

Earl: And the only time that I think you should be looking back is to see how far you've come.

Originally, I was born and raised in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands. I always told my mom I was, like, I really want to move to New York and I wanna pursue journalism. She is probably the most inspirational person in my life. And one thing that she told me when I was leaving to New York was that I should start small and then build on that.

I just didn't know what I wanted to do next. It was hard being somebody who had decided at the age of 12 that I wanted to be a journalist to then be at a place where I was just like, I actually don't know what I wanna be anymore. And I was attending a church in New York called Hillsong and it was where I got the most fulfillment because I was able to help the community. And so what I was realizing during that time was I love helping people more than I do working at a desk.

My friend told me about this fitness group called SoulCycle. And something about the experience was life-changing because I remember just walking out and being, like, "What just happened?" I think the biggest lesson that I took away from that is failure is necessary. The only thing that's gonna get you to the next level is if you continuously fail again and again and again. And so, it didn't take away the fear but it definitely was something that helped me moved through it.

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