Christian Hoff won a Tony Award for his performance as Tommy DeVito in Broadway’s Jersey Boys. His entertainment career spans over four decades including an early start as the voice of Hanna-Barbera’s Richie Rich and on to surpassing the World Record for Most Character Voices in an Audio Book. Hoff has also recorded two Grammy winning original cast albums for The Who’s Tommy and Jersey Boys. He’s a founding member of the musical group The Midtown Men - Stars from Broadway’s Original Jersey Boys. Sharing time and talent in service to others guides all of Hoff’s business and philanthropic work. With a personal call to action, his passion for cancer care and survivorship inspires him as a Board Member for The V Wine Celebration which has raised nearly 90 Million dollars for innovative cancer research for The V Foundation. In this episode, Christian discusses his life-changing experience that helped shaped a way of life in itself.

The Lesson That Changed My Life

Christian: How can you not only serve and help others get through this, but how are you gonna get through it yourself? And how can you be strong when you're not?

My start in show business was an early one. My days at Hanna-Barbera, the voice of Richie Rich, flash forward nearly 40 years or 30-some years at the time to Jersey Boys on Broadway. So learning to adjust that things don't always go to plan is the life lesson that has carried me through all sorts of challenges in life.

I think the connection between my life lesson, between my career and my family and health issues that my family has faced with cancer. My father was diagnosed with cancer, and was gone in five years. He passed when I was 19. My wife and my youngest daughter and my mother all have cancer as well. Now they're living with, you know, as survivors, right? But it took me looking at those challenges the same way I looked at challenges of my career and just responding. How do you react? How can you not only serve and help others get through this but how are you gonna get through it yourself, even through the loss so that you can see that you can get through it and that you can turn a negative into a positive experience?

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