The Lesson is a video series where guests share powerful stories of transformative experiences in their lives. Each lesson is profoundly personal, yet also universal – an opportunity for personal reflection that also deepens the understanding that we share similar terrain on our individual journeys. We hope each lesson reminds us that we are works in progress - and that each day is a chance for learning, growth, and transformation.


Reed Frerichs

Creator, Director, Producer

Reed is the founder and managing partner of SkyPath Media, a multimedia company that focuses on authentic stories. Reed is a creative director and producer of media content that includes film, television, and digital media optimized across multiple platforms. The Lesson reflects the alignment of his interests as a creator and leader of media content that embraces diversity, builds community and inspires others toward a journey of "being one with life".

Chip Flaherty

Creator, Producer

Chip was a key member of the executive team at the founding of Walden Media, a leading storytelling media company that has produced over 30 films and earned more than $3.5 Billion in Box Office revenue. Chip also was instrumental in extending the Walden Media brand into the publishing world, establishing the imprint Walden Pond Press. He has worked with all the major film studios and publishing houses in the course of marketing his company’s film and book projects and has developed many innovative promotional initiatives, including the successful international event, "Break the World Reading Record with Charlotte's Web."


Aric Berquist

Strategic Advisor

Aric is an accomplished professional inside of the online video marketplace. He founded and successfully launched SyncLive, a highly interactive live concert platform that was home to over 4,100 bands streaming from more than 360 venues. Aric was also the Director of Business Development for the premium online video distribution company Inform, Inc. (formerly NDN) which operates an online news and information video ecosystem. Inform’s digital footprint was grown to over 4,800 publishers and almost 900 premium content providers such as Conde Naste, Hearst, FOX Sports, and numerous others. Aric specializes in strategic partnerships inside of video distribution, as well as identifying, establishing, and growing AVOD, live streaming, OTT and CTV opportunities. He has helped deploy highly scalable, interactive advertising infrastructure in both the video and display marketplace.